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Oct. 17th, 2030

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Aug. 18th, 2009

if you can't see my post from before this.. then i cut you. if you think i cut you on accident which i've done in the past or you want to stay just comment and let me know! if i removed you it's bc you hadn't updated in a looooooooong time or i didn't think you read my LJ, but i would be more then happy to add you back if you want to be!

Mar. 1st, 2009

i accidently deleted everyone from my list.. ooops!! i think i got everyone added back, but if i forgot you pleeeeease let me know and i'll add you back asap! thanks!

Feb. 22nd, 2009

if you can see this let me know. im posting from a app on my new samsung propel! and i don't know if it works.

Jan. 24th, 2009

i don't have a whole lot to update about since i haven't been doing to much lately! i've been able to scrapbook alot tho the last couple days and i've gotten done like 3-4 pages of chase's baby book! i have yet to start caleb's bc i have well over 1,000 picture just for chase! sooo much! anyways tho i duno what were doing today probably nothing. we have the movie vacancy 2 to watch.. i can't wait! i hope its good. right now caleb is torturing the weenier dog sammy and being destructive aggh the joys of a 14 month old! if only he could help clean up his messes and not make bigger ones and help me then he would be the best 14 month old in the whole wide world.. i can dream tho right?! lol anyways i'm off to clean even tho theres not point since some lil boy will be right behind me giggling and undoing what i just did! i better go tho now sammy and caleb are torturing the cat they like to corner her in the kitchen.. dang baby and dog.. so off to rescue my cat!

pictures next post.
i think i'm now coming down with what chase has. i have a slight fever and my nose is starting to run and drainage in the back of my throat. lucky me right?!

May. 12th, 2007

i just got up a lil bit ago and i'm still tired so i might go back to bed! chase spent the night at my moms last night so me and richard got some good sleep without getting kicked by chase since he still sleeps in bed with me. i need to get him out of that and back into his own bed. he use to sleep in his bed when i lived with my parents, but we also shared a room as well. so yeah.. its a good thing he stayed at my moms last night though bc richard was puking.. he had heat stroke he thinks bc he was really sunburnt and he'd get dizzy and puke he couldn't even keep water and crackers down. hes better today though and just had a headache when he woke up. i felt baby move today again and this time it was more noticeable that it was baby it felt like someone tickling me from the inside. i think though i'm gonna go lay down for a bit while i can. chase is spending the day at my moms today so he can play outside in his playhouse i got him since he can't really play outside here at the apartments we live in. there not the best apartments they look nice, but the ppl that live around here and the cops always being here for some reason. like last week i was making breakfast for me and chase and i saw a cop outside my kitchen window one had there night stick in one hand and other cop had a rifle gun in his hand and they both walked away in different directions. so i can't wait til our lease is up here feb. 29th, 2008 so we can move out of this place and somewhere safer! i'm off tho so cya! ♥

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